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Ancient Light & Wisdom

Healing Stones for the 7 Major Chakras

Chakras (“wheel” in Sanskrit) are seen as spinning energy centers located in various parts of the body that control and regulate different aspects of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. As well as spinning wheels, chakras can be visualized as lotus petals or in a diamond formation. While we cannot see Chakras with our … Read more

Crystal Grids for Beginners

The foundations of a crystal grid begin with laying out a series of stones with a specific purpose, whether for communication, healing, financial abundance, or any other number of purposes. Once your initial stone, or series of stones, have been chosen you’ll want to add stones to amplify the energy. Amplifiers are typically quartz formations, … Read more

Thunder Bay Amethyst

Unique amongst all locations is Thunder Bay Amethyst in its holistic uses. What is Amethyst? Amethyst is a Silica Dioxide of the Class of Silicates, in the Group of Quartz, in the Hexagonal Crystal System. Locally it can be found in the Crystal Habits of massive, granular, single-terminated, double-terminated, or clusters. “Roses” or “Cactus” formations … Read more