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Denver Gem Show – 2023

In September 2023 I flew to Denver for my first time attending the annual Denver Gem Show. From the moment I arrived, I was surprised by the heat. It was a week of both loving the sunshine, and applying sunscreen multiple times a day to not be burnt at this altitude.

I was very lucky to be following a fellow Crystal Surgery Practitioner, Anastasia, through the show. She had knowledge not just of dealers, but of where and when to park. This is key in any rock show.

Every morning on the drive to venues we passed a long-abandoned carnival. I wondered if it was haunted.

Denver is a smaller show and has 8 venues filled with vendors from around the world. Unlike Tucson, there are not maps available for each venue location. It is a show to explore. And in one way more so this year. One of the hotel venues had closed for the show this year, and vendors had to scramble to find a new location. Flats spilled over in many rooms, but the enthusiasm of both vendors and purchasers lead to an abundance of patience as stones were chosen by hand one at a time.

We discovered stones I had not seen outside of a textbook before, including Trapiche Emeralds from Columbia and Spider web Blue Obsidian from Mexico. And stones I had not seen in many years, including Colour-change Fluorite from Rogerly UK. It is a different colour indoors vs. in sunlight vs. in UV light. I purchased a whole flat of it to sell.

Additionally I purchased from a vendor with an abundance of carvings, all in healing grade materials. Baby Yoda was one of my favourites.

I purchased Fossils for my brother for Christmas, and a stunning Sunstone from Elite for myself. It was an exciting adventure I hope to repeat in September 2024.