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Increase Your Energy Levels

Long-term stress can leave you feeling exhausted and burned out! Gratitude Gem Oils can help assist your body fight back by recharging your system and protecting and preserving your energy levels. This can help your body calm itself so that you can adapt to stressful conditions, improve your overall immune function and replenish your body and life naturally.

Your body, mind and spirit are separate units that come together and work in harmony to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you suffer from depression, sleep disorders or any other imbalance, your body can benefit from positive healing energy so that you can restore balance and begin the healing process.

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Not All High Frequency Oils Are Made The Same Way!

Gratitude Gem Oils are high frequency unscented oils that have been prepared slowly with a brewing process that can take up to 4 months.

During that brewing process, our energy work is performed and matched with the lunar phase so that our oils are infused with energy that can assist in optimizing your health and well being.

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Hands-on-healing through the universal energy of crystal and minerals

Healthier & Happier

Katherine at Gratitude Gem Oils is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. Her goal is obvious: to help those around her. She is understanding of those with different beliefs, cultures, and knowledge levels. Katherine will help you feel comfortable, answer your questions, and bring peaceful energy to your life

Jennifer E

Loved the classes and learned a lot. Beautiful crystals, and great to work with.

Charlene S

OMG I love both teas!!! I adore the purple rainbow moonstone tea, makes me feel so happy!!! I had the shiva lingham yesterday! Great balanced day despite my house being a disaster zone with a noisy, messy reno going on! Thank you for making such yummy goodness.

Karen E

Body Mind & Spirit

Additional services offered to help you live wholefully

Soul Signature Drawings

Soul Signature Drawing taps into clairvoyance to evoke a deeper understanding of energy, purpose, and meaning to unlock the mysteries of life and gain clarity of who you really are.

Energy & Crystal Healing

Heal your body, mind, and spirit through energy and crystal healing. I specialize in balancing and clearing away stagnant energy from both individuals and their living spaces.


If you are looking for guidance and clarity in your life and you’re curious about what the future may hold… A personalized reading from me may be just what you need.

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