Not All High Frequency Oils Are Made The Same Way!

Gratitude Gem Oils are high frequency unscented oils that have been prepared slowly with a brewing process that can take up to 4 months. During that brewing process, our energy work is performed and matched with the lunar phase so that our oils are infused with energy that can assist in optimizing your health and well being.

Unique qualities include:

  • Samples of our OilsScent Free
  • No Chemical Additives
  • Extended Brewing Time (4 Months)
  • High Potency Formula (Lasts Longer – Up To 2 Years Per Bottle If Applied Daily)
  • Certified Organic Oils
  • High Frequency Crystals
  • No Animal Testing Involved

Healing Energy Treatments Of High Frequency Oils Have Been Known To

Super 7

Super 7™
Amplifies intuitions. In healing, it is a “stone of connection”.

  • Bring balance to body, mind & spirit
  • Help increase energy
  • Assist in removing tension
  • Promote peaceful sleep patterns
  • Complement natural appetite control
  • Help increase natural relaxation
  • Help tame anxiety
  • Support the immune system
  • Help relieve pain
  • Restore balance

Your body, mind and spirit are separate units that come together and work in harmony to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you suffer from depression, sleep disorders or any other imbalance, your body can benefit from positive healing energy so that you can restore balance and begin the healing process.


All information provided on this site, is not intended to replace medical advice from your physician. It is up to the individual to consult with their present physician before engaging in complementary medical techniques involving natural remedies.