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Ancient Light & Wisdom

Working with Wandlets

One of the products that I carry are Wandlets, wearable wands that are hand-crafted by Magical Delights. Worn as a pendant, healing energy is actively running vertically along them as well as throughout one’s energetic field.

While the stones are chosen specifically for their properties both individually, and how they work together, Wandlets can also be programmed. Programming a stone/s is a simple as working with it towards a specific intention.

The formation of stones also guide the crystal healing techniques one is able to work with. A single-terminated Quartz can be used to sew up holes and cuts within the energetic field. The injuries can occur from a cut on the physical body, emotional turmoil experienced, or living in a sea of Wi-Fi.

Single-terminated stones are used to lay 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional girds across a person or pet, like a large tic-tac-toe board. They can be used in Melody Crystal Healing to beam light that gathers and removes stuck energy. And they can beam light to infuse an organ or portion of the physical body.

Weaving is a continuous line of light in the field in either 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional forms. Double-terminated stones bounce healing light in both directions simultaneously, and are effective in static grids.

Clusters are effective in both combing specific frequencies through the energetic field, and in combing specific frequencies out of the field. Hematite-Coated Quartz is particularly effective in acting as an energetic vacuum.

Spheres are dipped through the field to infuse it with a specific energy. Green Fluorite Spheres are anti-inflammatory. Shungite Spheres are detoxing.

Fan-shaped stones, like Kyanite, sweep energy either into or out of the field.

Shadows are pulled from deep within the field utilizing Fairie Quartz, much like swirling spaghetti.

Painting a Wandlet across a single stone and on into the field is another effective way of infusing the field. A Wandlet with Metamorphosis Quartz painting across Carnelian into the energetic field is an effective way of amplifying creativity.

Crystal Phurba can cut entities from an individual.

Each Wandlet will add to your crystal healing skills as it teaches you new techniques while you play in the energetic field.

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