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Find out how our natural health products have helped our clients live happier and healthier lives.

Katherine at Gratitude Gem Oils is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. Her goal is obvious: to help those around her. She is understanding of those with different beliefs, cultures, and knowledge levels. Katherine will help you feel comfortable, answer your questions, and bring peaceful energy to your life

Jennifer E

Loved the classes and learned a lot. Beautiful crystals, and great to work with.

Charlene S

OMG I love both teas!!! I adore the purple rainbow moonstone tea, makes me feel so happy!!! I had the shiva lingham yesterday! Great balanced day despite my house being a disaster zone with a noisy, messy reno going on! Thank you for making such yummy goodness.

Karen E

As a peer mentor for Therapeutic Touch and as a teacher for Reiki, I have come to know Katherine as a gifted and dedicated healer. She has deep knowledge in many parallel healing practices.

Katherine P

Katherine’s Gem Teas are wonderful and interesting local blends. Paired with unique gems, they make thoughtful gifts for others or a healing treat for yourself.

Katherine P

I have tried Katherine’s gratitude gem teas. They are not only delicious they have beautiful crystal energies infused in them.  Some are calming and others are energizing. Katherine is a great  wealth of knowledge regarding crystals and their powerful healing energies.

Janice C

I have been getting healing treatments with Katherine in person and long-distance for ten years. I find both extremely valuable because the healing treatments address the body, mind and the spirit at the same time. After the healing treatments I feel relaxed and free from negative vibrations and energies which often can cause long term illness if they are left unaddressed. I am grateful to Katherine for doing this work. She is always prompt to schedule appointments and provide feedback. She is a generous person, a gifted healer who is equipped with high morals, standards and values. I never seem to stop learning from her.

Anita G

You’re a dedicated and positive person who is both passionate and curious about your interests!  It’s wonderful watching your enthusiasm that you have for your trade!

Pat C

Katherine has a gentle, confident and calming way of asking the right questions and giving me exactly what I need with the help of all her allies. I especially love the perfect little push at the end of each session, whether it be a word, a subject or a specific task which will help me to continue the learning until our next session. Katherine has helped me to work through and let go, so that I can move forward and she does this in the most loving and non-judgemental way. Katherine makes magic happen.

Lori L

I have been fortunate to be a tester for Katherine on some occasions and use certain oils on others as well as the gratitude gem teas. Used on a frequent basis I was astonished how well they worked for me. I’m truly grateful for this alternative method of healing.

Jennifer C

Katherine Keeping is truly blessed with the ability to see soul energy in an array of colours. My daughter Julia, received a unique colour drawing of what her inner soul looks like. If only we could see each others energies as Katherine does, then nobody could hide their true self from others.

Diana S

I had the honour of taking a mentoring program with Katherine. She was really good at teaching me new skills. I feel that by taking the mentoring program I have become better at working with my clients as I have more tools in my tool box.

Beth S

Katherine is kind, compassionate and full of joy. My sessions with Katherine are filled with Presence, laughter and healing. She is a blessing on my path and an angel. A loving and gentle soul.

Janice A

We all have special gifts and talents! Katherine is a gifted healer! With her talent, her passion, and training in several energy healing modalities, she is well recognized in Thunder Bay as a wellness care practitioner. I know her best through Therapeutic Touch, an energy healing modality that has 40 years of clinical experience and research behind it. Katherine has completed all the requirements to be a Recognized Practitioner as recognized by the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario, our governing body. I have also booked healing sessions with her for my own health and wellness care and attended her classes as a fellow explorer of energy healing modalities and this fascinating dimension of being human.

Jean R.

I have known Katherine for a long time and have reached out to her for help and information on everything from crystals to energy work, intuition and more. The depth and breadth of her knowledge is amazing! She has definitely helped me along on my healing journey!

Charlene S

Katherine’s knowledge, wisdom and customer service are just some of the many reasons I highly recommend her treatments. She has different modalities to help with stress, pain and releasing. Katherine knowledge with crystals is phenomenal, she is very gifted at knowing what to use on your body. I highly recommend her services.


Katherine is a gifted teacher and is able to find ways to ensure that every student learns something new in each class.  Classes and special ceremonies are always an enjoyable time.

Lee S.

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