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Ancient Light & Wisdom

Terms of Use

Products purchased from Gratitude Gem Oils are used at the customers own discretion. The user is solely responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations applying to the use of the products, including the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Generally speaking, there is no adverse reaction. However, the oils could cause sensitization in certain individuals and before using any oil we advise a patch test. Put a drop of the appropriate oil on the back of the hand and leave for fifteen minutes to check if there is an adverse reaction. If skin irritation occurs, bathe with cold water immediately.

Gratitude Gem Oils is not permitted by law to offer medical or therapeutic advice. We cannot be held responsible for problems occurring from the inappropriate use of gem oils or other products bought from this site.

Gratitude Gem Oils should always be kept away from the eye areas; they must also be kept away from children. Always consult with a professional if in any doubt whatsoever on the use of gem oils in order to avoid any complication or allergic reaction.

Bottle sizes are as follows:

  • 10mL gem oil bottles
  • 2oz clearing spray bottles.

Note: Alchemy Oils utilize a variety of types of stones all working together.

Note: These oils utilize a number of one specific type of stone, and embody all of its qualities.

Note: Use Clearing Spray to remove unwanted negative energies and promote positive energy without the smoke produced by traditional smudging.