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Ancient Light & Wisdom

Unconditional Love


Detailed instructions are provided for the use of each stone.

  • Malachite – Placed at the heart chakra, Malachite reminds one that we are co-creators in the world and strengthens our ability to take action. A stone of fidelity, set it in your home’s Crystal Grid
  • Rose Quartz – Turns the heart towards love. Body, mind, and spirit bathe in healing and enlightenment. Infuse at the heart chakra and lower back to regulate the heart.
  • Rhodochrosite – Stone of “love & balance”, it draws twin souls together. Balances ones Fire and Water elements. Brew an elixir (water + stone + sunlight) to experience qualities of compassion, self-love, and yin/yang balance
  • Black Moonstone – Write/draw your manifestation list, and place moonstone on it. A “stone for feeling”, it brings balance when carried or worn.

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