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Ancient Light & Wisdom

First Aid


  • Connects first at the heart chakra releasing blockages created between the heart and other chakras.
  • Emits energy conducive to balancing the energy fields.
  • Creates recognition of the areas within the emotional, physical, and/or intellectual bodies which are creating dysfunctional events/conditions.
    • Auric body cleared;
    • masculine and feminine balanced;
    • emotions stabilized.
  • Headaches lessened.
  • Sinus pain relieved.
  • Duration of cold or flu is shortened.
  • Physical pain is released.
  • Psychic first aid.
  • Assists in the amelioration of allergies.
  • Assists in eliminating distress and depression, and increasing ones feeling of well-being and calm.
  • Stabilizes emotions.
  • Helps one to forgive oneself and others, enhancing ones understanding of the lessons chosen for this lifetime.
  • “Cuts through” problems.
  • Reminds the cells of what it is to be in an optimal state of health.
  • Speeds the healing process.
  • General remedy.