Soul Signature Drawings

In the halo of energy in the crown chakra area above your head, lie detailed symbols that speak to your own life’s journey. This disc of light is the sacred space that you walk around in every day of your life. With a vision of these symbols, one can understand who they are as a soul and what influences they carry with them throughout their lifetime.

With each Soul Signature Drawing, you will also receive and individualized explanation of the symbols represented.

Drawings are 9″ x 11″.

Appointments can be made in person in Thunder Bay. Or an email can be sent with an individual picture, from which the drawing can be clairvoyantly done. Contact us today to book your Soul Signature Drawing

Fee: $50.

From our Clients

It was a unique experiences because it wasn’t something I’ve done before. She was warm and made me relaxed and welcome. Overall a good experience that I would do again.


Example Soul Signature Drawings