First Aid

Connects first at the heart chakra releasing blockages created between the heart and other chakras. Emits energy conducive to balancing the energy fields. Creates recognition of the areas within the emotional, physical, and/or intellectual bodies which are creating dysfunctional events/conditions. Auric body cleared; masculine and feminine balanced; emotions stabilized. Headaches lessened. Sinus pain relieved. Duration of cold or flu is shortened. Physical pain is released. Psychic first aid. Assists in the amelioration of allergies. Assists in eliminating distress and depression, and increasing ones feeling of well-being and calm. Stabilizes emotions. Helps one to forgive oneself and others, enhancing ones understanding of the lessons chosen for this lifetime. “Cuts through” problems. Reminds the cells of what it is to be in an optimal state of health. Speeds the healing process. General remedy.

$50.00 (Excl. HST)
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Category Oils