It was a unique experiences because it wasn’t something I’ve done before. She was warm and made me relaxed and welcome. Overall a good experience that I would do again.


In the past several weeks of using it almost daily, I noticed that I have developed new friendships with people who are in my vibratory range and who are supportive and heart centred. Also, I have noticed a deepening in the friendships I already have. I even noticed a deeper love and respect for myself.
(Regarding Soulmates Oil)


I felt IMMEDIATE calmness, serenity. Like a deep relaxing breath. It felt like my energy was balanced. I felt very calm.
(regarding Stichite Oil)


Kim and I used the moldavite oil recently and wow! It raised our vibration immediately. It is best used directly on the skin, where directed by higher guidance and especially over the crown chakra  and bottoms of the feet and over heart chakra…I also feel it could vamp up crystals. I put some on my lemurian crystal and it likes it! See what your higher guidance has to say.

Jesse R.

Having tried a few oils from Gratitude Gem Oils, my favourite is the First Aid oil. It’s definitely made a difference in how clumsy I tend to be, and best of all it (like all the other oils) is fragrance free

Cindi M.

I am so impressed with the quality and performance of the Gratitude Gem Oil for Shielding that I purchased from Katherine Keeping. I find myself being negatively affected in certain situations and in crowded places such as shopping malls and grocery stores. I simply put a few drops of the oil in a small spray bottle and spray over top of myself before I go out. When I return home my energy is intact and I no longer feel drained, tired or negatively focused. This innovative oil is a simple and welcome solution for a person who is sensitive to energy like me. I won’t be without it. Thank you for creating this line of oils, they are life changing.

Hawley T. TSSF (Minister of Christ Healing)

I use several of the single oils and 2 of the blends for myself and also in my healing practice. The single oils are as effective as using a high-grade specimen in its original form. The jojoba oil base is one of the best base oils possible and insures that the oils will retain their quality.

Jane Komoski

I have had the privilege of being a tester of Katherine Keeping’s Gratitude Gem Oils over the past few years. My favourite oils are the First Aid oils which I keep beside my nightstand. (Prosperity and Goddessite.)  Not only do I feel the subtle energies of the properties of the gems integrate into my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric body, I also feel and know that Katherine’s pure loving energy is in every bottle. Katherine is one of the most gifted crystal communicator healers I know who is filled with infinite wisdom, compassion, passion, truth, joyfulness, and integrity. We are all so blessed to have her with us in this time, place and sacred space.

Lisa L

I’ve found Gratitude Gem Oils to be extremely high quality. They are potent and work wonders for healing ailments both physically and spiritually.  I noticed a difference within the first 24 hours of application