Detoxification Boosters

Cleanse your aura from negativity and feel an abundance of loving energy and

Spiritual Awakening

Connect with universal light and energy so that you can find peace, joy and

Personal Defence Barrier

Ward off negative and harmful forces with protective oils that help shield you so
that you can travel feeling safe and secure.

Boost Immunity Defence

Support and/or boost your immune system naturally and stimulate strength by promoting energy
and decreasing stress.

Healthy Heart

Support a healthy heart and protect, stimulate and activate the heart chakra so that
you can bring peace and harmony to all areas of your life.

Stress Relieving

Helps tame anxiety. Recharge your system and protect your energy the natural way. Our stress relieving oils help increase your body's ability to adapt to stressful conditions so that you can relax and be at peace.



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Displaying 1 - 15 of 41123 Show All